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ABOUT: Transport Development Group LLC has been on the market since 2009. Over the years, our company has firmly established itself in the Russian logistics services market and gained a reputation as a reliable business partner who always fulfills its obligations in full.

Our core business is providing full-service solutions for customs clearing, arranging cargo shipments and freight forwarding. Our vast experience in the customs and logistics business allows us to provide your company high-quality services as well as exhaustive and accurate information concerning logistics issues and foreign commercial laws.

As a result of an open tender, Transport Development Group was appointed as a unique national customs agent for TransContainer PJSC to organize and conduct operations related to customs treatment of TransContainer customer cargo during customs transit and customs clearance for cargo forwarded by TransContainer.

The company’s principal competitive advantages are its vast network of subdivisions performing customs clearance and general logistics support in different regions of the Russian Federation and abroad, close business collaboration with Russian and foreign partner companies, and a qualified team capable of handling the most complex issues.

The key pillars of the Company’s work are transparency and operational efficiency. Customs clearance, cargo shipment and other logistics operations are executed under agreements in strict compliance with the customs and foreign trade laws which guarantee operational legitimacy and transparency as well as high-quality service.

Over the years, we have created a team of over two-hundred skilled experts having many years of experience in conducting import-export and logistics operations, and qualified to properly develop unique solutions regardless of complexity, which facilitate the ongoing growth of your business.


  • Customs clearance of cargo
  • Cargo delivery and insurance
  • Customs transit / transit declaration
  • Preliminary informing of customs authorities
  • IT-consulting




Novaya Basmannay str., 13/2с1, Moskow, Russia, 107078 
Tel/fax: +7(495) 215-02-75 
e-mail: trdg@trdg.ru

Department of customs clearance +7 916 708-08-08 ZavgorodniyDP@trdg.ru Dmitriy Zavgorodniy
Sales and Customer Relations +7 905 564-63-34 Customs@trdg.ru Tatiana Mihailova
Railway transport Department +7 903 211-15-88 AndrushinAD@trdg.ru Alexey Andrushin
Department on work with regions +7 916 900-74-94 KalyanovIS@trdg.ru Igor Kalyanov

Branch offices:

Novosibirsk +7 923 703-00-33 KostyakovVV@trdg.ru Vladimir Kostyakov
St. Petersburg +7 911 993-71-60 MitkovetsEN@trdg.ru Evgeniy Mitkovets
Kaliningrad +7 909-782-12-00 trdgklgd@gmail.com Andrey Drozdov
Kurgan +7 919 595-56-56 LadyginAG@trdg.ru Alexandr Ladygin
Ekaterinburg +7 912 617-00-07 LyustNG@trdg.ru Natalia Lyust
Nakhodka +7 951 025-32-56 KirbayVA@trdg.ru Vladimir Kirbay
Vladivostok +7 902 557-28-26 GolyanickayaGY@trdg.ru Galina Golyanickaya
Komsomolsk-on-Amur +7 914 192-42-50 DrobinskiySV@trdg.ru Sergey Drobinskiy
Zabaikalsk (Head of clearance of transit cargo) +7 914 438-40-98 FurmanEV@trdg.ru Elena Furman
Chita +7 914 132-12-81 LyapunovSA@trdg.ru Sergey Lyapunov
Kazan +7 917 395-70-38 MardeevaYR@trdg.ru Yulia Mardeeva
Novorossiysk, Rostov-on-don +7 988 769-21-73 LysogorAV@trdg.ru Alexandra Lysogor
Belgorod, Sebezh, Sochi, Bryansk +7 916 900-74-94 KalyanovIS@trdg.ru Igor Kalyanov

Banking details:

Transport development group LCC
OGRN 1107746284579 INN 7713705616 KPP 500901001 

Current Acc 40702810600000068701 in VTB 24 (PJSC) Corr Acc 30101810100000000716 SWIFT 044525716 

Location Address: 142000 Russia, Moscow region, Domodedovo, Central district, territory VEGA-V, bld. 7, office 28
Address for sending correspondence105066, Russia, Moscow, Olhovskiy deadlock, 6/2